23 March 2023

BAI hosts a successful Strategic Planning Meet to bring the Regional teams together

March 23, Gurgram- BAI Infosolutions Pvt LTD recently had its Annual Meet, which brought together employees from its regional offices located in Pune, New Delhi, and Gurugram under one roof.

In addition to team-building activities, presentations, and discussions, the strategic planning session was a crucial aspect of the Annual Meet. The Annual Meet provided an opportunity for employees to voice their concerns and challenges and have one-on-one conversations with upper executives and management.

The aim of Strategic Planning is that employees from various departments shared their pain points, achievements, future planning for the new Financial Year, and challenges, which were then discussed and addressed collaboratively.

The meeting was not just a strategic planning session but also a valuable opportunity for employees to share their experiences and insights, learn from one another, and collaborate on new ideas and initiatives.

BAI also distributed branded kits to the employees, which included branded bags, t-shirts, pens, diaries, water bottles, and visiting cards. The kits were well-received by employees, who appreciated the thoughtful gesture and the opportunity to represent the company’s brand.

Overall, the Annual Meet was a great success and demonstrated BAI’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and engaged workforce. The event provided an opportunity for employees to connect, collaborate, and plan for the future while also addressing the challenges faced by them and how they can solve them. With this successful Annual Meet, BAI is poised to achieve new heights of success in the upcoming financial year.

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